Edition 39: I really, really like you.

A list of my favorite things.

A reminder I’ve been traveling so this is shorter than usual. Back to long rambles next week.

My favorite travel cup: This Thermos cup has some weird thing that makes hot liquid not spill out at a mouth-burning rate. It also does well with hot or cold liquids.

My favorite journal: The Traveler’s Notebook, though I prefer the softer leather from the cult brand Foxy Fix.

My favorite blanket for anxiety: Get thee a weighted blanket. I was gifted one by my talented BFF’s mom, but they’re all over Etsy and Amazon 

My current travel bag: Dagne Dover Landon Carryall. It’s great for gym + weekend + work.

My favorite pen: I’m a fountain pen fanatic, and despite all the fancy ones I have, I keep returning to the Pilot Metropolitan that I got in a Reddit Gift Exchange.

My favorite “I just got a leadership job now what?” bookThe First 90 Days, which I’ve recommended before.

My favorite not-the-usual-suspects newsletters: 

Jobs jobs jobs