Edition 50: Resilience is a painful strength

How to be laid off

I have been laid off (I think) four times. I stopped counting, clearly.

So instead of my usual ramblings or an essay for this week, I decided to start building a resource/wiki of sorts.

I’m calling it “How to be laid off” and it’s a collection of things I’ve gathered from being in that position so many people are in these days. My plan is to keep adding to it, as I recall things, and as others suggest them to me.

A few things you’ll find there to start:

  • A list of things to take care of first
  • Self-care suggestions, many of which I started doing because of being laid off
  • A list of jobs newsletters, particularly in journalism, but I’m open to others in content/creative fields
  • A to-do list of questions to answer and what to get ready for ye olde job hunt

I hope to add in some books I’ve found useful, as well as articles. I can also add contacts for employment lawyers and all of that.

If you have an idea, please hit reply.

Reading // Trying // Saving // Listening

Reading //
Digging through this great productivity and creative warehouse of UsesThis, which interviews makers of all kinds on the things they use every day.

Trying //
I hate weekly team meetings, but they are so necessary. I am attempting to make them more productive and useful by doing a version of Lara Hogan’s Week in Review. I’m storing notes from our meetings, which are part updates, part brainstorming in addition to notes and thoughts from me. I have no idea if anyone is reading it, but it’s helpful to me at least.

Saving // 
A ton of money and less plastic by buying these great reusable ziploc bags. I also highly endorse beeswax wrap paper. 

Listening //
My new podcast of choice lately is American Hysteria, which is a really fascinating look at moral panics and things that scared us and where they came from. There was a lovely Halloween episode about killer candy that was fascinating.