Edition 61: One more turn around the sun

I do not have one of my occasional essays today, but I wanted to give y’all a present.

Every year, on the weekend before or after New Year’s I sit down and do my crazy goal planning. I am one of those. I first used YearCompass, an amazing template I highly recommend. In the two years past, I’ve done slightly different versions from other places.

This year I decided to make my own, and to make up for not sending these missives as regularly as I would like, I’m giving it to y’all for free. Click the link below to get it. I only ask that you give me credit if you share it, and tell people about this newsletter.

2020-2021 planning.pdf – Google Drive


Reading // Watching // Seeking // Testing // Eating


Talking to Strangers is a book that is very Malcom Gladwell, but also kind of dark. It’s about how we deal with strangers and how very wrong we tend to think about others. Well worth reading, though I listened to the audiobook which is very much a highly produced podcast.


My friend Hannah of the Hannahs Wise, turned me onto this amazing Crispy Gnocchi and Brussel Sprouts recipe. Perfect for weeknight meals.


Do you enjoy Shonda Rhimes? Do you like Jane Austen? Binge Bridgerton immediately. It’s so so so good and I meant to stretch it out but instead i watched it all in one day.


I am bad at remembering details about people. Very bad. Birthdays, gifts I want to send, their favorite color, etc. I started using this app called Hippo to collect notes about my people. It lets you write small notes like “really loves tie-dye” to help my memory.


I got an Instant Pot for Christmas. Please send me what I should make with it. I am already plotting Starbucks-style Sous Vide eggs and butter chicken.