Edition Eleven: Read this book

Before I started this newsletter, I was desperately trying to find a book to help me be better at work, as a young, creative female leader. I am a book nerd, which means I turn to the written word to escape, live better and work better.

Here’s what I’ve read so far, and a tweet-length review. I’ll also tweet them out this week under #MiddlesBookClub.

Have one to add? Tweet or hit reply please and I’ll share with everyone sometime soon.

Decisive. For the chronically indecisive, this is about how to make better decisions (the answer isn’t a pro-con list)

Linchpin. How I figured out that not everyone wants to change the world through work like I do.

The First 90 Days. Most recommended management book ever. Past 90 days and still using every bit of it.

You’re in Charge, Now What? Not written for women, all about CEO leadership. Some gems, mostly meh.

Feminist Fight Club. Every woman and supportive man in an office should read this.

What to Do When It’s Your Turn. More Seth Godin. A collection of inspiring mini-essays, I love the parts about embracing tension.



I have tried a variety of produce boxes. In my ideal world, I can get to the farmer’s market every weekend. In reality, most weekends I’m lucky enough to be home and not on the road.

Imperfect Produce (I am not giving you the referral link, though they do do that) sends you a great, low priced box of either conventional or organic fruits and veggies plus recipes. For a busy boss, it makes things easier.

P.S. if you live in NY, please go see this giant crocheted Harriet Tubman mural on my behalf.\

A mini-announcement
I made us a web site: themiddl.es

I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do there yet, other than post links that don’t find their way into this newsletter. But the URL was available and I couldn’t resist.

Great things I’ve read lately
Tips from lady bosses at High Strung (Hi Gabrielle, who sent this in AND wrote it!) I never thought I would read this many words about teeth, but I did. (WaPo) On my bookshelf, Radical Candor. A recent interview on Recode. “Living atop an open-pit uranium mine has made the people ill, in ways they do not understand.” (Catapult)

Jobs jobs jobs 
Digital Editor for GroundTruth in Boston. A slew of new jobs at NYT, including economics editor and media editor.