Edition Sixteen: It’s in the handbook.

I’ve been writing a guide lately, so I went on this search for how to structure them well. Here’s a few I came across. These are mostly employee handbooks, but they showcase how to write a newsroom guide to XYZ pretty well, too.

18F Handbook: 18F has always been committed to transparency. I tend to watch a lot of their moves and their handbook is full of gems, like how to do one-on-ones effectively.

Basecamp Handbook: Basecamp has  a wonderful idea for having people get to know each other, which they call 5x12s.

Gitlab Handbook: Gitlab has lovely tips on how to work remotely.

Valve Handbook: Valve (a game company) has illustrations!  It’s actually pretty old and some people hated it, but I appreciate that it seeks to answer some simple questions.

Atlassian Handbook: And a tip from a friend, Atlassian has a great handbook, with a section on “the source of your misery” at work and how to tackle it.


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Ever wonder how to make all those delicious things you see on TV? I don’t watch a ton of Youtube, but my fiancé and I watch a lot of Binging With Babish, who makes things from any TV show you can think of. Here’s a recipe for Pasta Carbonara from Master of None, which we’ve already established I love as a show.

Great things I’ve read lately
Five emails to send this week. (Time) Mobile Photo tips from the amazing Maya Sugarman (Google Drive). A fantastic quick guide to writing your bio. (FinePoint)

Jobs jobs jobs 
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