• Edition 66: How do you want to be remembered?

    This weekend, I went to my second memorial in a month. To be sure, this has caused a lot of reflection for me, on my career, my choices, my own grief. When people described Henry Fuhrmann, they repeated phrases like kind, caring, thoughtful, calm. In the wash of posts and remembrances, people describe Mandy Jenkins as giving, a […]

  • Edition 65: A year later…?

    Fun story about why you’re getting this on a Saturday. As I logged into Buttondown to write this, I realized it’d been a year. A year ago, I wondered if this stasis would end and wrote to you about how we had two years of reduxes. As I think over the past year, I’d call […]

  • Edition 64: We are alive…?

    We made it. I think. 2020 was trash and 2021 was supposed to be the year we could live again. 2022 is probably going to be the year we realize life has changed. I don’t do resolutions, as I’ve mentioned before to you, but I do themes. This year’s is center, forward. Not the soccer […]

  • Edition 63: Laying all your cards down

    These are more album notes than an actual essay or resources, but a couple things that need to be said. All the therapy notes This story is the latest among other similar ones on burnout and etc that have hit my inbox lately. I am not going to talk about burnout in specific (I’ll explain why […]

  • Edition 62: The Grace you give

    I am tired. I feel like I start a lot of emails, tweets and newsletters that way these days. The thing is, it is true, and it is true for many others. There is an ennui in the air, now that the vaccine is here, we are ending the collective breath we were exhaling for […]

  • Edition 61: One more turn around the sun

    I do not have one of my occasional essays today, but I wanted to give y’all a present. Every year, on the weekend before or after New Year’s I sit down and do my crazy goal planning. I am one of those. I first used YearCompass, an amazing template I highly recommend. In the two years […]

  • Edition 60: Yup, still here.

    A couple things you will notice. First, you’re getting this email via Buttondown, an indie email service provider. I was getting increasingly annoyed with Mailchimp and how they seem to not care as much about newsletters as before. I also did not want to fork over 10% of whatever earnings I may someday make to […]

  • Edition 59: If I hear “times like these” one more time….

    Well. It’s been a while, I know. To say the beginning of 2020 has been overwhelming would be an understatement. There are many things I could write to you about, especially about leadership in this moment, but I’d rather post to you some questions to think about, ones I’ve been thinking about myself.  What kindness […]

  • Edition 58: A reflection

                Out. Then in. I am still tired.  However, my partner is an amazing human being and made us a new logo, and kept my love of yellow and orange at bay.  Other than that, it’s been a year. I am writing this straight, making it more a letter to […]

  • Edition 57: ZZZZZzzzZZZZZZzzzZzzzzzz…

    Exhaustion is acceptable. I am tired.  Three words that are nearly impossible for me to say. A week or so ago, I was with my #50WomenCan sisters and we were updating each other on our lives and action plans. It was all bragging until one of us said it. Then we all admitted it. We […]